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Mike Smith ( joined Clark & Parsia in February 2007.

Prior to Clark & Parsia, Mike worked in the Arlington, VA office of BBN Techonologies on data integration projects using Semantic Web technologies for defense and intelligence industry clients. His work specialized in knowledge representation and ontology solicitation, development, and management.

Mike is the only team member with no association to the University of Maryland’s MIND lab, having taken multiple degrees from the Department of Systems and Information Engineering at the University of Virginia. His graduate research was in data mining, specifically the application of econometric discrete choice models to spatial attack problems (e.g., breaking and entering crimes, IED placement). Mike considers himself a proud Wahoo, and is happy with his coworkers at C&P despite the unfortunate fact that they are all Terps.

Mike worked for several years early in the history of what is now GlobalCerts LC. At GlobalCerts, he helped develop and productize a server side email encryption appliance. He gained extensive protocol level experience in email and security technologies and honed his BSD-fu.

Mike is the only team member that hasn’t joined the Mac parade and maintains a Pellet-related packaging overlay for Gentoo Linux.

Mike lives in NE Washington, DC with his wife Molly, a social worker, and an enthusiastic fox hound, Sophie.